Iron Brew Mix


A yummy Mix of our Favourite flavor Iron Brew! A soft and crumbly cream and a hard boiled delicious humbug in our all new packaging, what else could you ask for?


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Irn Bru is made by Barrs in Cumbernauld near Glasgow, Scotland. It is said Irn Bru is made will real girders!… well we can tell you these are not made from girders but we can promise you these hard humbug sweets capture the spirit of Scotland’s national soft beverage. If you love Irn Bru you must try these sweets!


Ingredients: sugar, glucose, citric acid, flavoring, colours: E102, E110.

Nutritional value 100g: 1676kj, 394kcal.


Deliciously creamy iron brew flavored sweets, Iron Brew Creams

ingredient: Sugar, cream of tartar, flavour, citric acid, colour E110.


Prepared in area which may contain nuts and seeds.

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Weight 500 g